Pest Control – $37/mo.


This is your initial service fee which includes your first month payment and your intensive initial treatment.

Includes all roaches Includes all roaches (German, American, Smokey Brown and Oriental), fleas, spiders, most ants including fire ants and carpenter ants, silverfish, earwigs, centipedes, millipedes, wasps up to one story, carpenter bees up to one story, carpenter beetles up to one story, carpet beetles, moths, pill bugs, weevils, spring-tails, water bugs, and minor infestations of mice and rodents.

Initial Service Includes:

  • Complete interior treatment, including attic and crawl space, targeting windows, doorways, under appliances and plumbing lines
  • Area treatment of carpets, furniture and floors for fleas, as needed
  • Strategic placement of baits on the interior, as needed
  • Spider web removal in the garage, basement and the exterior perimeter (webs within reach)

Regular Service Includes:

  • Spider web removal around accessible eaves on the exterior (webs within reach)
  • Complete exterior treatment targeting the foundation, all windows, doors, gutters and gutter downspouts, soffits, plumbing and HVAC system lines, flower beds, edges of walkways and driveways and underneath the bottom rung of siding
  • Strategic placement of baits and products around the perimeter, mulch beds and landscaped areas adjacent to the foundation

Treatment is applied 3 liner feet up from, and out from the home’s foundation.

Regular Service Guarantee

At Bug Out, we are confident that our innovative pest control approach will provide you with the most comfortable and healthful environment inside your home. If pests make a comeback between our scheduled treatment visits, we will return to your home at no additional cost to ensure that these unwanted guests are eliminated immediately.

We only apply products on the interior of your home on the initial visit and as needed on future visits.

Initial/Same-Day Service Guarantee

Requests must be authorized and/or paid for before 12:00pm, Monday-Friday to qualify for same day service. Requests received after 12pm (Monday-Thursday) will have service provided by 5pm the following day. Same day service guarantee does not apply on requests received after 12:00pm on Friday. Same day service not available on Saturday or Sunday. Services that require an inspection only qualify for same-day service if the homeowner agrees to be present for the inspection.

Price and purchase is contingent on signing an annual agreement for new service with a credit card on file or authorized ACH for monthly payments.

Pest Control Pricing is based on a home 4,999 square feet or less. Homes larger than 5000 square feet may be subject to a higher rate. Service technician will conduct an inspection of the property prior to the initial intensive treatment. Based on the results of that inspection, price may change in the event of a major infestation.

When you combine two or more services, you can save 5-10% off the cost of your intensive initial treatment.

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