Mosquito Control – $37/mo.


This is your initial service fee which includes your first month payment and your intensive initial treatment.

Our mosquito reduction and control program is designed to treat the four most common types of mosquitoes (and larvae) in the United States: the house mosquito, the southern house mosquito, the Asian tiger mosquito and the yellow fever mosquito.

Our professional technicians will complete a thorough inspection of your property to identify any high-risk areas where standing water could be a breeding ground. Our mosquito reduction and control program is designed to provide you optimal outdoor living all year long. We use contact insecticides and insect growth regulators (IGRs) to treat, prevent and eradicate all mosquitoes.

Our mosquito reduction/control program is guaranteed to:
• Inspect and identify potential breeding sites
• Reduce mosquito larvae from breeding sites that cannot be eliminated
• Treat all mosquito “resting” areas, targeting the adult mosquito population
• Repel and kill mosquitoes at all stages of growth
• Reduce mosquito populations around patios, porches, playgrounds, and swimming pool areas
• Reduce the chances of mosquito-spread viruses
• Protect your family and household pets
• Products not harmful to humans or pets

Price and purchase is contingent on signing an annual agreement for new service with a credit card on file or authorized ACH for monthly payments.
Mosquito Control Pricing is based on a home 7,999 square feet or less. Homes larger than 7,999 square feet may be subject to a higher rate. Service technician will conduct an inspection of the property prior to the initial intensive treatment. Based on the results of that inspection, price may change in the event of a major infestation.

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When you combine two or more services, you can save 5-10% off the cost of your intensive initial treatment.

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